Teacher: Michael 
Languages: Business English and Spanish
Teaching experience: over 30 years
Current location: São Paulo, capital
Age: 57 years
Hi Guys, my name is Michael, and I would be happy to become your new English or Spanish teacher.
I have a British background as all my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were British traveling back and forth to Argentina conducting business.
My grandparents decided to establish themselves for good in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century and became Argentinian nationals.
I lived and worked as well in Buenos Aires for 30 years. Now I have been living in Brazil for over 25 years so I am fluently speaking Portuguese.
I can offer you interesting classes in Business English as I worked as an executive for over 28 years in 6 multinational companies, 3 of which were American. My know-how" in this area is exceptional, I even had the opportunity to own my own business for a short period of time.
While living in Argentina I studied for 12 years at a bilingual school (English and Spanish), Saint Andrews Scott’s School in Olivos, the oldest school in the country, over 180 years in existence.
Here in Brazil, I studied at the UNIP University in São Paulo earning degrees as a Technician in International Commerce with a focus on Logistics and Sales.
My classes are very dynamic, focused on conversation, especially aimed at the students' current language abilities in order to gradually improve them based on a structured teaching process.
I’m teaching English or Spanish for every level, introducing role plays to get along when traveling either for leisure or business, practicing for interviews, conducting telephone, audio, and video calls and many more practical skills.
Please feel free to get in touch with me, I would be very much looking forward to scheduling a demo class.
Please get in touch via email
Best regards,
These are the neighborhoods :
  • Jabaquara (all the region around Metro , parts of Jardim Oriental and Vila Guarani)
  • Conceição
  • São Judas
  • Saude
  • Bosque da Saude
  • Praça da Arvore
  • Santa Cruz
  • Vila Mariana
  • Aclimação
  • Ana Rosa
  • Paraiso
  • Av. Paulista (all its length)
  • Jardim Paulista
  • Cerqueira Cesar
  • Bela Vista
  • Itaim Bibi
  • Vila Nova Conceição
  • Vila Olimpia
  • Moema
  • Indianopolis
  • Brooklin
  • Campo Belo
  • Morumbi (All the region next to the shoppins and Business towers, not on the other side of Av.Morumbi once you cross the bridge. I don´t have a car,
  • Chacara Santo Antonio
  • Granja Julieta
  • Parts of Santo Amaro