my name is Andrew and I am from the United States of America.

I was born in Michigan, but I have lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as other parts of the USA. 


I started teaching and living in São Paulo, Brazil in 1995. 

Since then, I have moved back and forth. Aside from teaching, I have worked in the IT area as a Project Manager. I also hold a BA in Business Administration from Anhanguera.


I like teaching very much and enjoy meeting people and making new acquaintances. I teach all levels and ages and customize the classes to different learning styles and goals.


I am available in the following areas Avenida Paulista, Alto de Pinheiros, Vila Mariana, Pinheiros, Sumaré, Perdizes, Higienópolis, Bela Vista, Berrini, Vila Olímpia, Moema and Chácara Santo Antônio. 


I also teach classes using Skype, Facebook, Hangouts or any other online platform.





Por favor entre em contato via email!!!!!



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